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Monday, 21 September 2015

Youngest PM of Italy.

Matteo Renzi, 39, became Italy's youngest prime minister promising a new era of stable government after helping engineer the downfall of his predecessor Enrico Letta, who was blamed for failing to carry out promised reforms. Renzi previously served as the mayor of Florence.

The young politician has presented himself as a clean break with the past in a country blighted by unemplyment,slow growth and chronic political instability.

Upon accepting the role of prime minister, Renzi also unveiled his new 16 member cabinet, naming Pier Carlo Padoan, the chief economist at the organisation for Economic  Cooperation and Development, as the country new finance minister.

With an average age under 48, the 16 member cabinet is one of the smallest and the youngest in recent Italian history. Half its members are women, the highest proportion ever, underlying the image of fresh start on which Renze has building his reputation. Renzi has also taken care to name a low profile list of ministers with a mix of politicians and technocrat which included no figures capable of challenging his control.

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