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Monday, 24 October 2011

Formula one Motor Car History

Alfa Romeo ( 1950)

Giuseppe Farina won the first Formula one race in Alfa Romeo in 1950. Tis Huge bonnet housed an eight  cylinder-in-line1.5 litre engine that pumped put around 370 bhp. The driver sat behind it,waering a cotton shirt, a leather helmet  and ne seat belt, steering hard, narrow treaded types.

Copper: (1959)

The domination of formula one by British engeering excellence, which still continues today began with this car. Copper put the engine between the driver and the rear wheels,a revolution that set a design format that continues ibto 21st century. The Better weight made the car more agile and manoeuvrable.Jack Bradham took back t back titles with the cars in 1959 and 1960.

Lotus 25 (1963)

1962 saw a revolution in the chassis building field; Lotus boss Colin Chapman presented his famous Lotus 25. It was first single seater ever to be made using the Monocoque (Single shell) construction method..

Lotus 49 (1968)

thgese Ludicrous -looking rear wings on stilts, again pioneered by lotus, were the start of the age of aerodynamics in Formula One. In their first iteration, the wings were to fragile and often broke leading to terrible accidents.

Lotus 79 (1978)

This car took aerodynamics to a whole new level. With the 79 Lotus Designer Colin Chapman perfected  a phenomenon know as ground effect. wher e in the air flowing under the car was channelled to create unheard of levels of aeridynamic downforce.

Brabham BT52 (1983)

The arrow shaped design was a technological landmark because of its MBW power plant., the first turbo charged engine to win title.

Williams FW14B (1992)

This was probabley the most technologically advance cars. This was the zenith of electronic driver aids, such as computer controlled active suspension and traction control, which prevented wheel spin.

Ferrari ( 2004)

Ferrari was perfect in almost all aspect,best technology, best reliability, and best driver (Michael Schumacher ). This cars still holds records for most no of wins.

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