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Monday, 24 October 2011

F1 Motor car Engine at its Technology

This season are the most efficient engines with most advanced technology and techniques.

Engime: Specification of the Motot car are 2.4 Litre V8 engine, weighting no less than 95 kg and rev limit of 18,000 RPM. F1 engine produces around 720 bhp and manages 130 kms per 100 litres.

Steering: This year steering wheel has two extra buttons, the DRS button to adjust the rear wing and one for KERS- which is particularly complicated , the drivers can adjust the amount of energy released at various points around the circuit..

Diffuser : It controls the amount of down force a car generate.

Rear Wing:  This season the rare wing is driver adjustable.  A button on the upper rear flap, creating a 50 mm gap, which reduces drag and provides of top speed boost of almost 15 kph.

Brakes: The carbon -fibre discs have exceptional performance. They can reach more 1000 degrees celsius under full retardation.

7 Typres : For every race a driver get two compounds, the prime and the option. Each driver ges 11 sets of typres for the race weekend..

 Front wing : The front wing influences the  air flow over and under the car , it was concurred that  a stable front wings will reduce the effect of the wake.

Posted by : Vishal.Kalgutkar


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