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Monday, 24 October 2011

Formula One Motor Sport - Let's know the men at owork

Every Engineer has a crucial role to play in the Grand Motor Sport event to keep the  Motor engine stable and runnng. Let see who are the mens at work.

Front jack man : He levers a jack and lifts the car from its nose for the front tyres to be fitted.

The Gun man; He re attaches the nuts and tightens them to around 500 ib/ft. it takes around three seconds for this.

Fireman: there are always  chance of spark from the engine due to excess heating.

Rear Jack man The raises the car from the behind to help change the tyres. He also has a engine starter in case the car  stalls.

Extras: He removes any debris from the radiators that may have picked up.

Wheelmen : For each wheel, there is a 2 member crew - one for removing other for fitting.

The lollipop man : Holding out his carbon fibre lollipop, he guides drivers for precise stoping place. He Sigmnals the car after the typres are changed..

Posted by : Vishal.Kalgutkar

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